You’ve made the decision to build a new home and you’re looking for the perfect block of land. Here are some of the things you need to consider:


A northern house block orientation is generally considered the most attractive option. This is because of the abundant access to natural light and the associated energy efficiencies achieved as a result.

The increasing popularity of having an alfresco area means most new home homes are designed to have the living and outdoor areas working in conjunction with each other. A north-facing rear enables you to have an energy-efficient home with beautiful natural light all year round.

Regardless of which aspect you choose, starting from scratch means you get the chance to orientate your new home to access natural light in the best way possible.
Ensure you get the best out of your block by choosing a custom home builder who can design to suit your specific needs and how to maximise the aspect of the block.


Obviously, a flat block of land is appealing when it comes to ease and cost when building. Potential home builders are often intimidated by the prospect of building on a sloping block. If the plot is on a significant slope, the land will need to be cut and filled, or you’ll need to build a house that works with the slope. While these things might make your house more spectacular, they do cost more.

Depending on the angle of the slope, the simplest way to deal with the slope is to choose a split-level design. This involves building the house across two levels – a relatively easy solution for a builder who specialises in split level designs. It simply involves dividing the house design into two joined slabs.

Block Size

Block sizes have continued to become smaller and narrower as urban infill takes place. However, buying a smaller block doesn’t have to equate to limited choices when it comes to selecting a home design.

If you’re looking for something with contemporary styling and plenty of features within the limited space, ensure you design your house to fit the land, rather than buying a house plan and making it fit the block.

On a compact site, the ability to borrow as much space from outside via the views beyond your block can make a massive difference in how spacious your home can feel. When it comes to inside, create multi-purpose rooms, maximise storage and access natural light and a northern aspect.

If you’re building a home on a narrow block, being strategic about the way you use space is key to creating a home that meets the needs of you and your family. The good news is, there are plenty of simple and clever ways to maximise the space you have available.

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