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Visiting display homes is a great way to quickly peruse a prospective builder and check whether you feel they can provide the new home and outcome you desire.

Visit a display home to find out whats included

Construction Quality

This is definitely the most important aspect of building. While all too often people can get caught up on building time frames or fixtures and finishes, it’s all about quality at the end of the day. Have a look the quality of construction and the guarantees provided by the builder. Affordable Family Homes offers a display home quality build and a 50-year structural guarantee.

Is the builder the right fit?

Given that building a home is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make, it’s important to feel comfortable with the partnership. Visiting a display home provides the opportunity to meet with a representative of the building company who can provide you with a good insight into the process and practices of the organisation.  You’ll be able to ask questions, gather information and get a ‘feel’ for which builder you feel comfortable to partner with in what is undoubtedly an exciting and emotional journey.

Layout and Style

Your home is uniquely yours. Whether it’s entertaining, relaxing or building a lifetime of memories, it’s crucial to think about the practicality of the home itself to make sure it’s going to suit your needs today and in the future. Visiting a display home allows you to check out the capabilities of the builder – do they present an aspirational dream home you really can’t afford, or can they build a quality, stylish, yet affordable home?


The display home you’re visiting may look fabulous but can it be modified for the block you have? Visiting a display not only provides inspiration, it allows you to think about the aspects you’d like included in your hew home; the things you can leave out and a chance to touch and feel first hand.

Think about whether you’d like to choose a ‘catalogue’ home or do you need a builder who can design from scratch? Do you want to choose a copy of the display home or do you want something unique to you?

Visiting a display home is an important part of making comparisons, asking questions, gathering ideas and information and narrowing down the list of who to choose when it comes to building your new home.

Visit our display homes